For sellers

Benefit from our experience in financing and active support for companies. We provide both capital and know-how to enable you to further expand your success.

What we can do for you?

  • Network. We help to find the right contacts at the right point in time.
  • Help. Financial and administrative. With advice. And hands-on support.
  • Links. To other investors. Nationally and internationally.
  • Management. Help to set up the right structure with the right people.
  • Experts. Bring in high quality experts for the respective challenges.

Transaction Process

For sustainable growth, the ground, environment and location need to be just right.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for growth capital, a co-shareholder or successor? Or would you like to do business as part of a management buy-out (MBO)? Our structured approach helps you before, during and after a transaction.

After signing a confidentiality agreement, we will get to know each other over an informal chat. This allows us to gain an initial impression: What is your business model like? How future-proof is it? Are we compatible with one another?

If both sides have a positive impression, investor perform an initial company valuation based on key business data. Investor formulate a non-binding purchase price offer as part of a letter of intent.

If our ideas are similar, a due diligence phase (thorough, careful assessment) will follow. In a dialogue with you and based on the key documents, investor will analyse the opportunities and risks, strengths and weaknesses of your company. Essentially, the valuation is based on the following due diligence:

  • market and commercial (market and competition analysis, business model, success factors)
  • technical (products, services, technologies, state of technology)
  • financial (finances, taxes, insurance)
  • legal (e.g. employment law, contract law)


If the results of this assessment confirm positive impression, investor will provide you with a binding offer. We will clarify the details of the impending transaction during subsequent contract negotiations

Everything we do is based on the following principles:

  • Partnership
    We approach private equity as a true partnership between equals. Together with our investor management team partners, we take long-term views and make joint decisions.
  • Creativity
    We offer tailor-made financing solutions which consider the individual situations of both shareholder(s) and the company.
  • Trust
    Code of conduct is based on honesty and respect for our business partners.
  • Confidentiality
    We treat all documents provided with the utmost confidentiality. Your business relations with employees, customers and suppliers will not be affected by entering into discussions with investor.
  • Respect
    In realising growth strategies, we always respect the company’s employees and culture.

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